Behold, the most damaging deleted scene of all time.

The removal of this scene fundamentally alters the relationship Lilo has with Stitch in their early stages, reducing her affection to Stitch to her simply being a nice girl. 

This scene establishes her patience and always blindly optimistic attitude towards Stitch as transference from her parents, contextualizing their entire relationship.

“I needed you.”

As for the sadness of the scene, it is nothing that can’t be found in Fox and Hound, or many of the other Disney Renaissance Film.

If this scene was in the final cut, I would’ve outright CRIED

Oh my God…I can’t even express what I feel about this.
I don’t think there would ever be a Disney scene that would get me like this one would. This movie would have probably had me bawling in tears and sobbing my eyes out if it was added.

My God Disney that is some heavy stuff.

the way he reacted when he saw the tombstones…

the way he stood there watching lilo being attacked

the way she said “i needed you”.

it’s undescribable


no words

just sobbing

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