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Anonymous asked: Oh go fuck yourself and your john green hate. He's a fucking great human being

you come into my house you defend john green

Anonymous asked: This is Rami. You've caught my attention.

Anonymous asked: You are the proud owner of a rant ticket, so rant away! What bothers you?? What do you truly hate?

this has been in my inbox for awhile because i’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to use it and this one’s been going on a LOT today for some god awful reason so i’m gonna use it

i really fucking hate when older people trivialize my opinions on FUCKING EVERYTHING when i disagree with them

my parents and i had this really long stupid argument today over the “war on christmas” where they’ve decided that it’s just an ABOMINATION that christmas isn’t as fucking shoved in everyone’s faces as it was when they were younger and how it’s just a TRAGEDY that christmas has been “eliminated” in the effort to “overcompensate” for “minority” religions

And i was just fucking livid because one: christmas still IS shoved down everyone’s throats, just on a lesser scale and two: boo-fucking-hoo you and your christian privilege tears because it’s not as if people who celebrate other holidays have been MASS FUCKING MURDERED for their beliefs or anything right? Yeah people who celebrate christmas have it sooooo bad

and basically it ended with them going “well, you’re 19, your views will change, by the time you’re our age you’ll come around” which is basically saying my opinions based on what i see with my own two eyes when i go out into the world and research i have taken my own time to do just doesn’t even matter

when except actually THEIR opinions are the irrelevant ones because THEY have been indoctrinated with the shit of their time that 1. christmas is the only holiday ever, 2. white people are awesome and everyone else sucks and 3. there’s something wrong with you if you don’t conform to your assigned gender roles (because yeah somehow an argument about the “war on christmas” turned into them implying all of those things, don’t even ask me how ldfk)

and then on top of that my dad just fucking WROTE OFF everything i think about the drone strikes issue because he’s decided “well if that’s what it takes to get the enemy then so be it” and when i disagreed because CIVILIANS ARE DYING, CHILDREN ARE DYING AND FOR NO GOOD REASON he said “well that depends on where you get your information”

My parents have this habit of deciding that ANYWHERE i get information that doesn’t coincide with their opinions MUST not be a legitimate source

as if i can’t say the exact same thing about theirs and then we come to just this stalemate of who’s more or less credible and it usually ends once again with “well you’re 19 you can’t possibly have a clue isn’t it cute how she tries to have opinions on stuff”


Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?


Anonymous asked: Why are you so amazing?

I… drink a lot of mango juice?


Anonymous asked: first, you are so pretty!!! :D second, which interview was it where rami malek talked about the future of his character?

fffsdfgdt thank youuuuu! =D

And I found it on his main fan site. here’s the direct link:

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Anonymous asked: I'm going around to all the blogs I follow and guessing things about them. You care about other people and making their lives better. You have a sarcastic sense of humor and don't take shit from people. Whinging annoys you and you want people to take responsibility for their actions.


I certainly do care about others and helping them out, the people that deserve it anyway. I’m the kind of person where if I have even a dime most of it goes to someone else just because I’ve gone most of my life without and I know I always appreciated a little help. As pissed off as I get at people sometimes I’m always capable of empathy, even towards people I loathe.

sarcasm is my first language!

I take NO SHITS WHATSOEVER. Even if there’s really nothing I can to about it I never keep quiet if someone’s giving me shit, or manipulating me, or intimidating me, or offending me.

I DEFINITELY am annoyed when people whine excessively, or try to get attention from me or anyone else. Can’t stand it. In fact that’s probably the number one way to make me hate the shit out of you — whine for attention.

And yeah, I’m definitely not into people blaming the world for their problems, or having a false sense of entitlement, and I FUCKING HATE when someone does something wrong and pretends it never happened or judges others for doing the same or less than what they’ve done.

So I guess you were pretty spot on, Anon! A+.

Anonymous asked: What's going on with the trolling? Did I miss something

A couple of popular bloggers in the fandom drew up some fake story boards and pretended they used to be writers/artists for the first season of Korra, and made very “spoiler”-y posts about Korra, Mako and bolin going to the south pole, Asami turning into the sun (ala Yue which is fucking comedic gold), etc… It was all pretty damn funny, but now that people know it was all fake they’re extremely fucking butthurt and being children about it.

Anonymous asked: I love and I'm sorry if I seem creepy reblogging like your whole blog. Sorry this on anon but my blog is under a blog I used to co-run and I don't want to look like that blog!

Lol that’s perfectly okay! Not creepy at all! Kind of awesome actually xD