friendly reminder that LoK has basically been painfully sub-par since its creation

But if Beginnings 1&2 had happened in the first series, it would have legitimately been the best episode across the board

I honestly believe that that was the best Avatar episode I’ve seen in either series and I’m not even a little ashamed to say that


By popular request: Starkid meets ATLA

(Disney version)

You guys know that feeling when you look back at pictures of like your grandma or people that you know are completely ancient from when they were kids

And just, you’re looking at it, and they obviously look like a young kid, but there’s just this sense that you only know this person as an old person so they still look really old to you in the photos

and of course their hair and clothing style are old-fashioned too so it aids that authentic, aged feeling to everything

I’m legitimately starting to get that exact feeling looking at Katara from the original series.

Like I’m looking at my grandma’s high school photo or something.

nm just the Avatar casually shitting himself

Can you imagine if Korra saw this


Family Resemblance in ATLA and LOK

I made this for another (future) post, but isn’t it awesome how much effort they took to actually make sure that the people who are related look related.

It’s kinda fun game to see who got e.g. dad’s nose and mom’s eye-color XD

Literally crying from this.


Bryke!  Why must you torment us so?!


The night sky in the episode “The Waterbending Master” matches the star map Katara has in the episode “The Desert”. They even adjusted it for season change.

Amazing continuity is amazing!

reasons why Bryke are incredible

The Making of Avatar - From Real Life To Animation

part 1


I just think it’s really smart that Korra hitched a ride on a boat instead of attempting to swim to Republic City on Naga’s back all by herself.

Can you imagine if she got into a storm and Naga and her got trapped underwater and she had to freeze herself in a block of ice leading to a hundred year war between the Equalists and the benders causing the unnecessary deaths of millions

How stupid would she have been to have done that


So this is a thing that exists.