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I just realized something.

Mako and Bolin.

Mike and Bryan.


Here is a shot Mike and me with Janet Varney, the amazingly talented voice of Korra, at The Legend of Korra premiere party this Saturday, April 14. Here is a fantastic interview with Janet by Max Nicholson on IGN: page 1 and page 2.

(I can’t recall who took this photo, but the camera was Mike’s, as was the processing. I’ll be uploading a bunch of shots from the party soon.)

Reblogging because “Angrily. Buttering. A bagel.”

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The Making of Avatar - From Real Life To Animation

part 1


Nice article by Geoff Boucher in the LA Times today. I *think* there will be some follow-up features online in the days/weeks to come.

People are already attacking Korra’s character for being “privileged” and having a sense of entitlement.

Hello? As far as her conversation with that equalist goes, that’s the whole point. (rant ahead.)

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Bryan’s public speech