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Thinking about her again.

Every now and then the wound feels fresh all over again.

Nothing will ever make it right. Nothing will ever put it to rest.

it will always be wrong and unfair and awful and I will never be okay with it. Ever.

To be honest I never really WANT to be okay with it anyway.


I scrolled and I saw a photo of you and for a second it was like you were still here.

On one hand it hurts to remember, but on the other, sometimes it’s just easier to pretend.

I miss you more every day.


I won’t ever be okay with this


I keep thinking of her and hoe brave she was. How much love she had. How sad i am that i will never hear her sing again. I keep thinking of the times we had.

Cancer hurts
For the person that has it
and for everyone who loves that person

Rip felicia
I love you

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