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So this arose out of a realization my bestie and I had after yoga class.

The conversation went basically like this:

Her: “I feel like a dork for admitting this, but when I do yoga, I imagine I’m Katniss. It totally helps.”

Me: “That’s freaky. Cause I imagine I’m Korra.”

And so the basic premise is that whenever we do anything athletic together, we are Katniss and Korra. So I drew them doing basically the only athletic things she and I do together: Yoga and running.

The funny part about this is that when it comes to the meditation part of yoga class, she’s actually more like Korra about it. She hates it and just wants to get down to the physical parts. For me it’s basically my favorite part.

As far as Katniss’s commentary in the second one, I firmly believe that if Korra and Katniss ever met, they’d talk about the similarities between Mako and Gale/Bolin and Peeta and just laugh their asses off.

This is also making me question why the hell I ship Borra so hard when I hate Peeniss with a passion

Anyway, enjoy.

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