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no stop NO STOP


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No smoking.

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You know I’m not Bruno Mars, right?

Rami Malek

literally fucking dying over reading this over here

today i learned something

the only think more life-ruining than a Dalek

Is a Malek

only a really great actor can take a character that hardly anybody even remembers from the source material and turn him into a character that is so notable that everyone in the fandom immediately falls in love with him and begins writing fanfiction about him and RPing as him and shipping him with Bella

and Jasper

And Jacob

and literally every other character in the series


#Remember that time when there was actually Rami posts in the Rami tag?

stop making me cry


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Now that I’m starting to see more and more people venturing into the Rami Malek tag with posts like “that guy playing Benjamin sure was cute,” or “wow the kid playing Benjamin was super talented”, I feel this is necessary.

First of all: WELCOME! I hope I speak for most of us when I say that no matter what our feelings on it are, we aren’t gonna judge you because you discovered Rami through Twilight. Because let’s face it, even those of us who hate Twilight paid to see him in it anyway. If you appreciate Rami, you’re a bro. Period.

…But if you really want in this fandom there are some things you should know.

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