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“Hell would be a world where bending existed, and I ended up as a non-bender.”

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Korra from the Legend of Korra without makeup!!! Hahahaha

Oh my lord do you guys remember this? Back when we didn’t know what Korra’s face looked like xD

With all this craziness going on over Korra, I thought I’d show off my waterbending tattoo to the Avatards of Tumblr.

I got it quite awhile ago, always planned on posting a picture but never got around to it.

the tattoo artist got a little creative with shading it. The way he did it — fading up inside the outline of the lines — makes me think of the foam on top of the waves. Legit.

It’s my first and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Of course, it would look even cooler if I was waterbending in these photos, but, ya know, this is still real life and I haven’t found a way around the whole waterbending-doesn’t-exist thing yet…

My next will probably be the Slytherin crest, possibly on the other shoulder.