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“Hell would be a world where bending existed, and I ended up as a non-bender.”

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The result of my first dicking around with Paint Tool Sai.

Korra is Book 4!

Think about it

Book 1: Water — The goal is for the Avatar to learn Waterbending

Book 2: Earth — the goal is for the Avatar to learn Earthbeinding

Book 3: Fire — the goal is for the Avatar to learn Firebending (And defeat the Firelord but wutevs)

Book 4: Air — The Avatar must learn Airbending.

We didn’t get 4 books because Aang already knew Airbending. Korra learning Airbending completes the cycle.

[Avatar the Last Airbender] is the most moral, tried and true, beautiful tale. Everyone in the world should watch it. Wars will stop. If we just had every world conflict sit down with popcorn and have a sleepover and watch the entire thing, we’d all get along and it would be beautiful.

Darren Criss