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i love that korra became a baby again not just because like she felt helpless and scared and defenseless and that reflected that but

but like that was the PERFECT mental state for her to be in to learn what she learned

Grown-up korra would have seen those monsters and been like “NOPE I’MA BEND YOUR FACE INTO NEXT WEEK”

But baby Korra was able to be like “no but wait they can be my friends” and she accomplished her goal

Like all that development will carry into her continued adult life but she was NOT vulnerable enough to learn it as an adult

she HAD to become 5 again for that to happen

and i LOVE IT

also did anyone notice that when korra was born that was the second time (that we know of) that the avatar narrowly escaped being born into the royal family

Sozin and Roku had the same birthday, both were born on the same day the last avatar died, and yet the fire prince didn’t end up being the avatar

if Tonraq hadn’t have been banished he would have become the chief of the water tribes and Korra would be a princess AND the avatar, but she wasn’t

I’m really starting to think my theory about the spirits deliberately not wanting the avatar to be born into political power is true

You guys know that feeling when you look back at pictures of like your grandma or people that you know are completely ancient from when they were kids

And just, you’re looking at it, and they obviously look like a young kid, but there’s just this sense that you only know this person as an old person so they still look really old to you in the photos

and of course their hair and clothing style are old-fashioned too so it aids that authentic, aged feeling to everything

I’m legitimately starting to get that exact feeling looking at Katara from the original series.

Like I’m looking at my grandma’s high school photo or something.


Guess what Pabu ships

Hint: it’s the one TJ still won’t admit she ships

With all the snow in the next episode I just couldn’t help myself.

Guess what Pabu ships

Hint: it’s the one TJ still won’t admit she ships

With all the snow in the next episode I just couldn’t help myself.

So this arose out of a realization my bestie and I had after yoga class.

The conversation went basically like this:

Her: “I feel like a dork for admitting this, but when I do yoga, I imagine I’m Katniss. It totally helps.”

Me: “That’s freaky. Cause I imagine I’m Korra.”

And so the basic premise is that whenever we do anything athletic together, we are Katniss and Korra. So I drew them doing basically the only athletic things she and I do together: Yoga and running.

The funny part about this is that when it comes to the meditation part of yoga class, she’s actually more like Korra about it. She hates it and just wants to get down to the physical parts. For me it’s basically my favorite part.

As far as Katniss’s commentary in the second one, I firmly believe that if Korra and Katniss ever met, they’d talk about the similarities between Mako and Gale/Bolin and Peeta and just laugh their asses off.

This is also making me question why the hell I ship Borra so hard when I hate Peeniss with a passion

Anyway, enjoy.

Oh I’m sorry fandom, you wanted LIN teaching Bolin traditional Earthbending?


And also a parallel

How the fuck can I still call myself a Makorra shipper this is the third Borra piece I’ve done and I’ve done literally nothing Makorra related how do I Makorra

This is even kinda sorta Kataang FUCK WHY CAN’T I STICK WITH MY SHIPS DAMNIT

  • Tahno: you smell something in here? That's the scent of-
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me:
  • Tahno:
  • Me: ...not where you were going with that or

Dad poked me in the shoulder


Bolin was startled awake at the sudden impact on his mattress and the soft sound of muffled sobbing. Rapidly regaining his senses, he looked down and saw only a tangled mess of dark brown hair and tears gleaming on the cheek of a face that was firmly buried in his chest.

“Korra?” He whispered, instinctively wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She shook slightly in his grip. He started to ask what was wrong, but after a split second of thought, he knew.

"The nightmares again?"

She nodded slowly. “Every night it’s the same,” she said through sobs. “Every night it’s him. He takes my bending… And then I’m helpless…”

He held her tighter. “Me too.”

"I’m sorry, Bolin, you’re just the only one who—"

"Shhh, no, it’s okay. You can stay here as long as you need to. I’m here."

The truth was, he needed her just the same.

Having some Borra feels, as you can see…