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"Anna, you can’t marry someone you just met."

Elsa: jdevoll
Anna: Nina
Joffrey: mjolnirismypenis
Photo by: danikhaleesi

Oh my God.

No! Drop it! Put it back where you found it! Good girl. Haha this is brilliant.

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"It adds a sense of realism!" he was stabbed by a fucking skeleton and then his corpse was vaporized by an elf with fireballs

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prayer circle for Lady Stoneheart in the finale


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anyone else feel just a lil guilty watching joff die

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whenpeopleseegood replied to your post “why dont you think that tyrion is the giant that sansa will slay?”

I’m honestly pretty confident that the “slaying giant” was SR’s doll & the fandom is overanalyzing.

I totally disagree, lol. After re-reading the GoHH’s prophecies just now, what I think is this (it p much lines up with what I said initially, but with one difference):

The GoHH saw Sansa at the PW, and then she saw what is probably Sansa destroying SR’s doll. I do think you’re right there. But that isn’t where the significance ends—consider the woman’s other death prophecies:

Renly, Vargo, Cat, Balon, etc. All notable deaths (and resurrections, in Cat’s case), all game-changing events in some way. All human deaths, with the exception of Grey Wind. And I saw someone at the point out how 6 out of the 10 victims in the GoHH’s prophecies are referred to by their sigils (hello, Titan of Braavos). Each prophecy involves something at least fairly monumental.

And then there’s… Sansa destroying a doll?

So I agree with you that the GoHH probably saw Sansa destroying SR’s doll—what I disagree with is that the story stops there. I think it’s probably a case of foreshadowing on top of foreshadowing.

And just for fun, consider this (these events happen at about the same time):

When he [Littlefinger] had enough, he stepped over both walls with a single long stride and squatted on his heels in the middle of the yard.  (ASOS)

& this:

Arya could see the arrow slits in the great bronze breastplate, and stains and speckles on the Titan’s arms and shoulders where the seabirds nested. Baelor the Blessed would not reach his knee. He could step right over the walls of Winterfell. (AFFC)

Not to mention that Arya sailed to Braavos on the Titan’s Daughter, and that Sansa as Alayne IS the titan’s daughter. That hidden sigil means something, IMO.

yes omg yes

so can we all stop doubting sansa’s importance/influence now please?

like seriously i’ve never seen so many people go “lol no that prophecy dont mean shit” as with this one

wonder why the fuck that is

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I can’t stop laughing at this. 

The alarming thing is how long it took me to realize that this wasn’t two gifs of Jamie Lannister.

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You know I really do not see why people criticize Dany so much for her whole arc in ADWD

Like sure she wasn’t really successful, but it’s not her fault or her being stupid

With every decision she made or predicament she tried to correct, her ideas were never BAD. Her plans/intentions were just repeatedly fucked up by Meereen’s set up in general. The whole city was so corrupt and cruel that it literally DEPENDED on its corruption and cruelty to FUNCTION. There’s no way she could’ve anticipated that, and even then, she made sacrifices and met them halfway on things in order to get as close as she could to a less-fucking-awful city. With what she was given, she did a pretty freaking good job of it. It doesn’t look good for her after all she had accomplished in ASOS but I mean… fuck, I’d like to see any other fourteen year old do better.

I just idk I see it less as Dany sucking and more as Meereen just being beyond help. And even when she REALIZED they were beyond help, she persevered, at least for a little while.


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