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I Might Even Be a Gay Supporter

"Faggot, faggot, faggot!" Yet again, these words shoot like venom through my dad’s mouth at my TV screen. he saw a mere glimpse of a few male dancers as he flicked through the TV and that was his knee-jerk response: to shout "FAGGOT" at the screen.

I don’t get it. I really just DON’T get it.

How can someone get so worked up over the mere image of someone in a profession they may not find terribly masculine? And why does that matter anyway? Male dancing does not automatically equal homosexuality — and what’s so hate-worthy about homosexuality anyway?

Enough to shout derogatory names at the mere SIGHT of someone who MAY be homosexual? REALLY?

When I see a feminine male, that is most definitely not my immediate reaction. In fact, there’s hardly any reaction at all. It would be just the same as passing my own image in a mirror — it’s nothing new, it’s nothing strange, it’s just another person. Sure, my brain realizes that that person is different from me in some way — male, white, hispanic, blonde, ginger, dressed in a different way, etc. — but it definitely doesn’t process that information as a BAD thing. Because I have this AMAZING philosophy that I live by, which saves me a whole lot of anger (which I definitely do not need more of). You guys should try it.


If I were to pass Chris Crocker, without any previous knowledge as to who he is, walking by me in his little leopard print cocktail dress, heels, blonde weave and caked-on make up, I honestly would not assume — or would at least restrain myself from assuming — that he was gay. I would wait ‘til I met him, got to know him, and he came out to me. Or talked about being gay in general. Because it’s only LOGICAL. I probably wouldn’t immediately assume Ron Jeremy was straight if I passed HIM in the street, either. I don’t assume ANYTHING, one way or the other, because I simply DON’T KNOW YET.

It’s a little thing called respect, and knowing (since most were taught this in fucking KINDERGARTEN) not to judge people based on how they look — whether it’s the color of their skin, how they dress, or how they do their hair.

Even if I DID have the audacity to assume that a femininely-dressed/mannered male is gay just based on his appearance or, more ridiculously, his profession, it wouldn’t anger me like it did my dad. Why should I be so bothered by it? 

To any males out there who believe the mere idea of having sex with or even being in love with another male is disgusting or wrong: gay men believe just the same way about females. Though they will associate with and be friends with women, most of them are disgusted by the mere thought of vaginal sex.

They are no different from you — they have the same feelings. The only difference is, it is for something DIFFERENT than you. Do you think straight females should be shunned from society for the mere inkling of desire for the male species, since love for a male is apparently so repulsive to you?

Oh, what’s that? It’s WRONG? Sex and marriage were meant to be between a man and a woman because hetero sex is able to result in a child? Well, newsflash — GAY SEX ISN’T THE ONLY THING THAT IS BIOLOGICALLY “WRONG” THAT GOES ON IN SOCIETY.

Oral sex, between anyone, does not result in a child.

Anal sex, between anyone, does not result in a child.

masturbation does not result in a child.

Sex with a condom does not result in a child.

Sex on birth control does not result in a child.

So, remember that, men — every time you rub one out, you are just as wrong as those mean, nasty, evil faggots.

If it is so wrong to you, then just don’t do it. Period. 

I am a writer and a performing artist — I will major in English and Theatre in college. I will avoid Math and Sports at all costs. I despise the idea of having a profession in either area of study, because they are pointless to me, and I don’t particularly care to learn either because writing and performing are far more important to me.

Does that mean I constantly scold athletes and mathematicians?

Does that mean I believe math and sports should be banished from society?

Does that mean I believe it should be illegal to study/do either?

Does that mean I believe English and Theatre are the only two areas of study that deserve respect or even interest, and all else should be oppressed for the remainder of the existence of humanity?

No, no, no, and a big fat fucking NO. People that are interested and those things are simply different from me. In fact, I praise them for being so experienced in fields I can hardly even begin to comprehend or appreciate. And I realize that some probably feel that literature and theatre are entirely useless as well, and that they can’t find any possible interest in those areas either.

It’s called empathy. Understanding how others feel, even if it’s not the same as what YOU feel — and comparing your feelings about some things to their similar feelings about other things.

The fact of the matter is, homosexuality is hurting no one. It is not killing anyone. It is not defaming anyone. If your beliefs label it a sin, then accept that it is behavior you will not participate in, but do not allow yourself to begin trying to dictate the lifestyles of others based on beliefs that they DO NOT share.

Because if the world worked that way, homosexuals could be forcing YOU to face daily ridicule for your lifestyle, forcing YOU to go through life unable to marry the person you love, defaming YOU for being a sinner, calling YOUR sexual preference wrong and unnatural, and shouting “BREEDER” at YOUR face on the TV screen.

Think. Take ten fucking seconds and THINK.