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Creating a Legend


2 1/2 years ago, Bryan and I returned to Nickelodeon, delved back into the Avatar universe, and created “Legend of Korra.”  The process of bringing Korra’s story to TV was one of the most challenging and demanding periods of my life, but ultimately a  rewarding one.  I’ve worked (and continue to work) with amazingly talented artists, producers, actors, and every other type of job required to create a show.  We set the bar high, then higher again.  There were many times I thought we weren’t going to make it over that bar.  But perseverance, tenacity, and talent from all involved helped breathe life into Korra.  I was very happy when the show finally premiered and was embraced with the same passion and intensity as Aang’s adventures.  And with only 4 more days until the finale, I feel a mix of pride, joy, and relief.  You all finally get to see what happens with Amon and Korra!  I can stop worrying about scenes being leaked!  (At least until Book 2…)  I think it’s a satisfying and exciting conclusion to book 1, but I guess I’m a little biased.  

After co-creating and producing both the original “Avatar” and “Legend of Korra” I’ve definitely learned a lot about crafting a story from the initial concept all the way until the show is complete.  But even so, I still feel like I have a lot to learn and understand about how this mysterious thing called Creativity works.  

The internet is a strange place.  Like most I have a love/hate relationship with it.  But places like Tumblr, Flickr, Deviant Art, and the like are an amazing outlet for creativity and imagination.  Everyone has a need to express themselves, and the online universe is helping to feed that desire.  I figured it was finally time to join the party.

I feel truly blessed to be able to express myself through the Avatar universe and have millions of people tune in to watch.  Thank you for being one of those who tuned in and I hope you enjoy the finale!

I leave you with an interview Bryan and I did for the Wall Street Journal: