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Let this be a sign, Let this road be mine


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  • Korra: (to Zuko) You knew Aang better than anyone.
  • Meanwhile in the South Pole...
  • Katara: For some reason I feel like I really wanna punch Korra...


It’s a pleasure to finally meet a true airbending master.

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Korra and her enemies.

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ok help me out here i thought we were gonna get 2 episodes every week? or is that null and void with the whole digital thing? if so does that mean it’s going to take way longer for the season to roll out? or is episode 9 online somewhere and i just can’t find it?? or were we only supposed to get one episode today the whole time so that they’d still have an even number of episodes to premiere in twos til the finale? if so why am i seeing photos of korra in a straight jacket and muzzle everywhere??? did they preview an extra episode at comiccon a week early?????? help im so confuse?????


So apparently the idiots douchebags execs at Nickelodeon have pulled the plug on Legend of Korra, mid-season. As I understand it, the rest of the season will still be on Netflix, but the creators are worried they won’t be able to wrap up the story with a fourth season (as they had been planning to the whole time).

Nickelodeon is officially dead to me. The last remnant of quality programming, cut off before its time, just like Invader Zim and Danny Phantom before it.


so uh where did you hear exactly that the creators are worried about book 4 not happening
let me save you the time and say NOWHERE
book 4 is still very much happening, it may be just digital like the rest of book 3 will be
please don’t spread misinformation thanks

d-dick dick dick d-dick dick dick


  • nick: don't miss "The Legend of Korra" friday nights at 8/7c ONLY on nickelodeon
  • nick: no literally you can only see it on literal nickelodeons now
  • nick: we're moving it to analog

what if in a couple episodes the krew is in a bind and the only solution somehow is airbending and korra isn’t there and it’s just bo and mako and asami and somehow asami manages some totally brilliant non-bender solution and saves the day

and then later back at air temple they’re like sitting around drinking tea and asami sips hers and is like OW SHIT and burns her tongue so she like casually creates a tiny stream of air and cools off her tea

and everyone is like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"yeah ive had it since everyone got it"


"i never needed it before and i don’t need it now

…but it does come in handy to cool off hot tea”