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omg troof

Okay, I love Ronnie, but this made me laugh my ass off…
Mostly because I know which one is my king. ;]

I’m not waiting on a confessions blog’s submissions to open to get this out.
At first it was like WOAH but now I’m just tired of all of it. I hate that they’re getting so much hate from people they know all over Twitter but seriously I’m so tired of it.

Okay, one thing that bothers me.


Ronnie and Craig. People need to just leave them alone. They’re both extremely talented. Don’t like them for their personalities, like them for their music. And if you do hate either one of them, you don’t have to post it all over one cares. Oh and the fact people argue over who’s better is fucking pathetic. Like come on..grow up.

Yeah guys, stop arguing about it. We all know deep down that Ronnie is the best. ;]

You know what. Now that I fucking think about it.

When HE does it, it’s bad ass. And ultimately, justified.
But when I did it, it was childish?
I don’t regret a word I said about them back then. Not anymore. I am not a child for sticking up for myself.
I have forgiven, but I’ll be damned if I ever forget.


I hope Ronnie makes a miraculous recovery by tomorrow


Or else I’m going to cry.


In less than two days,

I will see Falling in Reverse live. and I will meet Ronnie Radke.