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my one hope is that i will someday meet some magical cosmic being who will take me into its misty ethereal spaceship and we’ll fly away to a universe where Katniss Everdeen was played by Naya Rivera in stead of jlaw

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Haymitch’s name is called last of all. It’s more of a shock to see him than  my mother. Young. Strong. Hard to admit, but he was something of a looker. His hair dark and curly, those gray Seam eyes bright and, even then, dangerous.

it’s like I can be Katniss and have a Mockingjay bUT I COULD ALSO BE A TIME LORD SECRETLY

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over it.


if anything gale is a tragedy and deserves our sympathies rather than our ire, i’m sorry.  (i’m not sorry.)

the capitol took his best friend, the woman he loves, away from him twice.  they burned his home to the ground.  they made him have his name in that reaping bowl 42 times so his family wouldn’t starve to death.  you want to know why gale is angry?  you want to know why gale will do whatever it takes?  because he got pushed to the brink of things and that is not his fault and i’m going to be angry forever that people think it is.  our introduction to katniss is how she wanted to drown a cat because it was another mouth to feed.  things are desperate in district twelve, and gale saw a lot of things katniss didn’t see, like five mouths to feed instead of two and their homes on fire.  gale got people out.  gale led people through the woods.

the games make katniss softer than she used to be.  the games make gale harder than he used to be.  the war happens and she stays soft and the war happens and he becomes a soldier because the capitol is not winning any more victories over him.  gale hawthorne is 19-years-old and the capitol has won enough victories over him.  he won’t lose anyone else.  he won’t go back into those mines that killed his father.

so, his home gets burned to the ground, and his revolution gets inverted, and he loses someone who was basically his sister — because he loved prim too which everyone seems to forget about — and the girl he loves in an accident not of his own making, and he moves in with the remnants of his destruction and probably thinks about how the capitol made him this way.  and in the end he’s left with the rubble, and it’s a tragedy.

because, yeah, gale won the war.  and the war won him right back.

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  • The Hunger Games fandom: these books taught me about how important it is to ensure that as a society we don't condone oppressive attitudes like the Capitol citizens towards the Districts.
  • The Hunger Games fandom: but why on earth would <insert character here> be played by a person of colour? It wouldn't look right.
  • The Hunger Games fandom: Gale was a ruthless murderer who intentionally killed innocent children and swam in the blood of a thousand slaughtered kittens, laughing with glee all the way.
  • The Hunger Games fandom: Cato was a precious misunderstood snowflake, come here my darling angel.



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So this arose out of a realization my bestie and I had after yoga class.

The conversation went basically like this:

Her: “I feel like a dork for admitting this, but when I do yoga, I imagine I’m Katniss. It totally helps.”

Me: “That’s freaky. Cause I imagine I’m Korra.”

And so the basic premise is that whenever we do anything athletic together, we are Katniss and Korra. So I drew them doing basically the only athletic things she and I do together: Yoga and running.

The funny part about this is that when it comes to the meditation part of yoga class, she’s actually more like Korra about it. She hates it and just wants to get down to the physical parts. For me it’s basically my favorite part.

As far as Katniss’s commentary in the second one, I firmly believe that if Korra and Katniss ever met, they’d talk about the similarities between Mako and Gale/Bolin and Peeta and just laugh their asses off.

This is also making me question why the hell I ship Borra so hard when I hate Peeniss with a passion

Anyway, enjoy.