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Just a reminder, ladies, that you may graduate from Wellesley, then Yale Law School, become one of the most powerful and influential lawyers in the country, then the First Lady of the United States, then a U.S. Senator from New York, come this close to being the Democratic nominee for president yourself, and ultimately serve as the Secretary of State, but you’ll always be a woman — an emotional, unhinged, woman.

From the article Here’s the New York Post with the Most Sexist Headline of the Year on the New York Post’s cover of Hillary Clinton (with a scared-looking Bill in the corner) testifying during the congressional hearing over the embassy attack in Benghazi. (via lcucinotta)

Thank you.

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And once again, HILLARY, who calmly answered the same irrelevant question somewhere around 12,000 times is portrayed as “exploding with rage” while the male Republican congressman who literally screamed at her isn’t mentioned.

Anyone want to come talk to me about how sexism doesn’t exist anymore?

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A message for the ladies


NOBODY has a right to tell you how to, or expect you to present your body. This post is mainly in regards to hair.

Now, with ‘No Shave November’ happening I’ve seen some douchebags saying things like ‘not for the ladies, that is nasty, nobody wants a bush down there’

And you know what? If you ever are with a guy like this, do not cater to it.

If somebody insists you shave something - be it your legs, underarms or pubic region or they won’t have sex with you, they are not worth it. Or, insist they do the same because hey guys, it’s not pleasant for us ladies getting pubic hair all up in our noses when we go down on you (ps, it gets smelly, bro)

Never let somebody make you do something. Treat and present your body how you decide to, not how somebody else decides it should be


i’ve said it before and i’ll say it forever… if women supported each other instead of trying to tear each other down, we could rule the world. 

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Gloria Steinem [x]

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My name is Kelly Schomburg, I’m the girl with the red hair in these pictures. I was protesting at the Occupy Wall Street march yesterday when I and several other women were sprayed with mace and subsequently arrested. Many have already seen the video, which has been spreading like wildfire over twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and other video feeds, along with hundreds of other photos and videos. This is my recount of what happened.

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I cannot believe all of this. Everything that happened during this protest makes me question what fucking country or TIME PERIOD we are living in. It’s bad enough to treat peaceful protesters like this, but to be so despicable as to mace and arrest innocent bystanders? The saddest part is that a number of the cops didn’t want to do any of it. Did even ONE protester become violent the entire day? I haven’t read a thing saying so. That MIGHT warrant some cautionary arrests, at least, but to literally just bust through with fucking mace and cuffs on protesters that are just marching and chanting, on the street where they are perfectly allowed to be, I’m dumbfounded. I’m getting the fuck out of this country. New York is the city of my dreams, but fuck them if they’re going to treat their citizens like this.

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curly hair


FYI, if you’re a man and you say to me, “I would never hit a woman, that’s sooooo wrong”

I will not immediately think you are cute and fuck you. I WILL THINK YOU ARE SEXIST.
Because acting like punching a woman is equal to punching a newborn baby is an absolutely sexist idea and I’m tired of it.
If I am saying or doing something that you would hit a male for, then don’t fucking hold back just because you think I’m a weak little woman.
It is one thing to beat the living shit out of a woman, when you are a large man and she is tiny, I get it. On average men are stronger than women. But using your strength against ANYBODY like that is WRONG, man OR woman, on BOTH sides.
Fucking done.

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Cut out the chauvinistic comments plz

Not all women who listen to bands are fucking “band sluts.”
Yeah, music IS my fucking life, listening to it, experiencing it, writing it, the whole bit,
And music has SAVED my life, more times than I can count, and never because the band members were attractive. STFU.
Just because I am female and the music industry is monopolized by males doesn’t make me a goddamn “band slut.” I do not listen to bands for their hot members. I can’t say I have zero attraction to all band members in the world, because when they are ATTRACTIVE they are FUCKING ATTRACTIVE, I cannot just decide they aren’t for irony’s sake. THAT DOESN’T CHANGE THAT THE MUSIC IS WHAT I’M ABOUT, NOT THE HOT GUYS IN THE BAND.
Can we just let that stupid sexist term die, please? Because nobody is making any distinction between “women who like music” and “band sluts.”
Besides, I have heard more disgusting things said about Hayley Williams than anything ANY “band slut” has said about any attractive male lead. Just. Fucking. Saying.